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6. Radar Guns Radar guns emit photons that travel at c, the speed of light. When the photons hit a moving target at c+v or c-v, where v is the speed of the target, atoms in the target absorb the oscillating photons and emit new photons which oscillate at the c+v or c-v rate. Some of those photons return to the radar gun, allowing the gun to ...
In the old days, before Pitch F/X, you could get readings on both. Technically you’d get a speed out of the hand from one type of radar gun and as it crossed the plate with another.
The talk about exit velocities and launch angles and seeing a lot more infield defensive shifts (that I have seen work maybe once) exit Velo has to be the stupidest new trend. Anyone who did not realize hitting the ball harder will most likely result in more hits is either a moron, or Ichiro.