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Isolation of Plasmid DNA. Pick up a colony of bacteria and inoculate it in a conical flask containing 100 ml autoclaved Luria broth media supplemented with antibiotic (Ampicillin 100 µg/ml) and incubate overnight in a 37 ° C shaking water bath at 250 rpm. Pour the culture in a 2.0 ml centrifuge tube and centrifuge at 5000 rpm for 20 minutes.
PART-B: Part B will have multiple choice questions of bachelor’s level requiring thinking and analysis. There will be questions from basic Biology, Life Sciences, Biotechnology and allied areas as per syllabus given below. There will be 100 questions out of which the candidates will have to attempt 60 questions.
Isolation: The removal of the target gene from a chromosome. Cutting: The use of restriction enzymes to cut DNA and cloning vector to isolate target gene. Ligation: Insertion of target gene into plasmid- cloning vector.