A full down/up speed test would check what the full scope of your speed is based on your ISP. So yeah that would be the best solution, but for any fast test scenario, even a simple wget would do the trick since normally people worry more about download speed than upload. – Luis Alvarado Jan 20 '15 at 16:32
Oct 13, 2017 · I used iperf testing network throughput, client is LS1012ARDB and server is Ubuntu 16.04, the test results are 23 Mbits, following is iperf logs: [ 3] 0.0-300.0 sec 824 MBytes 23.0 Mbits/sec. I exchange iperf server and client, server is Ubuntu and client is LS1012ARDB, re-test, following is iperf logs: [ 5] 0.0-300.0 sec 29.6 GBytes 848 Mbits/sec
Resolution for SonicOS 6.5. This release includes significant user interface changes and many new features that are different from the SonicOS 6.2 and earlier firmware.
iPerf - The ultimate speed test tool for TCP, UDP and SCTP Test the limits of your network + Internet neutrality test Table of contents : Download iPerf for Windows Download iPerf3 for Android