Not to be confused with the similarly-named shotgun or semi-automatic rifle. The Vepr (Ukrainian: Вепр, lit. "wild boar", pronounced "vai-pr") is an Ukrainian assault rifle that was announced in 2003 as the first indigenous Ukrainian assault rifle, designed by the National Space Agency of Ukraine. It is one of several bullpup conversions of the conventional AK-74 design, along with the ...
SKSAR Bullpup Kit « on: May 03, 2016, 07:35:37 AM » I'm only posting a new topic on it because the last one was 3 years old and there was a warning saying I should start a new one.
May 01, 2013 · The Bullpup Unlimited kit uses an AR-style pistol grip and has plenty of rail space for grips, lights or lasers. At $359 it’s almost the cost of an actual 870, but if you’ve always wanted a bull pup shotgun then this might be a sweet project to play with.
The Bullpup however, unlike the Fritz-X, is powered by a rocket motor. This allows the missile to be more accurately aimed at its target initially, before the engine runs out of fuel. This in combination with the already high launch speed of the Bullpup, gives the missile a higher range, so long as the pilot is able to guide it accurately.